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How to Create a Zen Den in Your Home

August 31, 2020
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Homes in Buckley WA

Dens serve a variety of purposes. For some people, it is a place to get away and relax for a while from life’s daily pressures. For others — and this is increasingly more common these days — the den is an important home office. Fortunately, regardless of how you want to use the den area in your homes in Bonney Lake WA, we have a variety of home designs perfect for you. Our McKinley home design is particularly flexible, with a den right off the front entrance, making it ideal as a home office for those who occasionally see clients, or as a private space to clear your mind and find a moment of peace.

Whether you choose the McKinley design or any of our other home designs, if you’re creating a den that inspires a feeling of zen and also helps you focus on the work at hand, we’ve got some tips to help create the ideal space.

For those who really want a space to get away from all of the pressure and chaos of life, experts often recommend getting rid of as much technology as possible from your zen den. After all, if you’re trying to meditate or even just read a book, it’s too easy to be distracted by notifications on phones and tablets, or the sudden urge to look up some random factoid or recipe. Your den should help improve short attention spans, not encourage them.

Think about how you want to use your den and then focus on what you need to achieve that goal. Maybe it’s a yoga mat and some cushions, or a big soft chair that you can get lost in as you get lost in a good book. The point is to find what works best for you. This goes with office furnishings, too. There’s no need to stick with traditional office furniture if there are more attractive pieces that can serve the same purpose. Use a closet for unsightly storage or for setting up printers or other machinery that looks better behind doors. Choose colors, fabrics, furniture, and accessories that inspire you, just don’t let them distract you. Less is still more.

Plants add a sense of calmness and work well in any den, whether it’s a home office or relaxation room. Another important feature, regardless of the use, is a combination of natural light and soft but functional light. Use both floor and table lamps, with warm or cool light, preferably with adjustable strengths to meet your personal needs. For work, you may want a cool light for clear vision. For relaxing, you may want a low-wattage warm light.

There’s no reason your den can’t serve as both a place of work and a place of meditation and relaxation. If you have the space, it’s highly recommended to create a restful corner in your home office where you can, sit, relax, perhaps enjoy the view out the window, and let your mind take a break. People often find that it’s easier to focus or find a solution when they’ve stepped away for a short break. Putting this space in your home office gives you time to get away from the issue, without getting too sidetracked.

Ultimately, your zen den and your home office can be the same place or separate areas. A zen den is as much a state of mind as an actual location. Find a place where you can sit peacefully, whether it’s a spacious nook in an upstairs landing, or just a spot in your dining room extension where the sun is particularly soothing at certain times of day. Contact us to help you find one of the homes in Bonney Lake WA that has the perfect den and layout to ensure you have your own place to relax, focus, or simply take a welcome break.

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