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Top ’80s Home Decor Trends Are Back

November 29, 2021
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Seasons aren’t the only thing that cycle; design trends do as well. Every few years, elements of decades past make a resurgence. Mid-century Modern (MCM) obviously has been popular for a number of years, and vintage Art Deco has made a comeback, but you may be surprised to learn that even the 1980s are making a comeback in more than just music. Fashion and home decor trends are looking back on that age of an unusual blend of neon and pastels and much more, finding ways to bring them back into your home without looking outdated. So slap on your Swatch watch and put your hair up in a scrunchie — both also making comebacks — and start checking out the updated version of the ‘80s home decor.

Like many art and design movements, the current interest in the ‘80s is a reaction to the minimalism of Mid-century Modern. But then, MCM was a reaction itself to postmodern boredom and blahness. The ‘80s was an experiment in mixing and matching, with the hugely popular pastels, but also the boldness of pop’s primary colors, not to mention the rounded edges and softness in furnishings paired with more jagged edges. Fortunately, as with the return of any design trend, you don’t have to go all out when incorporating them into your current design. Choose elements that work with what you already have and maybe play around in some rooms with bolder expressions. The reality is that a lot of ‘80s elements actually look good against some of the more minimal pieces we’ve gravitated to over the past decade.

Rounded furniture shapes were big in the ‘80s and were often a throwback to the rounded edges of Art Deco, which has already been making a comeback. This makes it easier to incorporate if you already have some Art Deco pieces in your home. The key is to take a chance on some of those ‘80s colors with your rounded furniture. Bedrooms are a popular place, with rounded headboards and/or side tables in peachy and pastel colors, paired with pastel fabrics. To stop it from looking dated, add in some darker colors in rugs or curtains to give the pastels more edge.

Unless you’ve got bad knees, another popular ‘80s trend that is seeing a revival is lower furniture, particularly in the living room. A low sofa and coffee table — preferably in a rounded shape with some glass, brass, and pastels — gives your living room a new look. You can aim for more pastels in the sofa and chairs or let the low furniture speak for the ‘80s on its own with more contemporary fabrics keeping it modern. Thrift stores are an option or you can always simply customize some existing furniture or newer pieces and get lower legs made for them if you like your current sofa and chairs.

You don’t have to be living in a Florida retirement community to bring back some rattan furniture to your home. Watch a couple of episodes of Golden Girls — if you don’t already — and check out their decor. You can go all out with rattan furniture and floral fabrics or you can keep the rattan but update it with more modern fabrics. Go for a solid fabric and use floral patterned throw pillows for that nature addition, and consider adding in some sisal or jute rugs for that additional touch of natural fibers, which are popular these days anyway.

Of course, we can’t talk ‘80s without some more pastels. Peach was huge, and often paired with pale green and blue. Those colors are popping up again, but a little bolder, in mauve and teal for a stronger impact. That said, finding an original ‘80s lounge chair or side chair and recovering it in a vintage fabric potentially works as a nice addition to a more contemporary living room. Mixing and matching colors and patterns from a variety of time periods is also on trend right now. The key is to make sure it works with some of your other furnishings and isn’t just sticking out like a sore thumb.

Alternatively, pops of bold, almost neon bright colors were huge, with bright pink wide belts paired with teal green oversize shirts. Purple, yellow, day-glow orange and more were frequent accessories in clothes, so consider using them and mixing them as accessories in your home. From rounded ceramic pieces to throw pillows or blankets or even curtains, adding in some of these bold pops of color can definitely add new life and classic ‘80s style to your home without the risk of going overboard.

These are just a few of the popular ‘80s trends that are making their way into the decor of our homes in Vancouver WA and the greater Puget Sound as homeowners are exploring our design center, exploring design websites, and potentially feeling nostalgic for their younger years. Contact us today to learn about our homes in the Vancouver WA area and how our architects and design center can help you build your dream home where you can listen to Duran Duran to your heart’s content, especially in one of our great flex rooms!

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